Person, making the most of her opportunity
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RALEIGH, NC -- The RDU Sting Women's Development Program. College Update and The RDU Sting gains their first success story with Alicia Person 

(Henderson, NC).  At the conception of the program, success stories were not expected to be a reality in such a short period of time.



"We knew there were women just looking for an opportunity like this, she just happened to be the first one to take our program serious. Now others can follow in her foot steps. " ~ Burnside

When Alicia came to us, she was a late comer and had to settle to play on our second team.   She quicky began to perform better than some of our first team players in games where her D1 experience began to resurface.   Alicia left an open ended tenure at East Carolina University and was 'Just Working'.  
In 2011 she became a full time starter and lead our team in overall scoring.  When I got a chance to really sit down a talk with her, she stated that her goals were just to have a second chance to get her college degree and that basketball was all she had. 

Unlike some of the prospective players considering our program, she never once asked why they are not paid at this level because she knew the payoff will be much bigger when she gets the chance to accomplish her goals. 

Fast forward, she is not just working anymore, she is now a full time college student playing college basketball and making the most of it. She has made an immediate impact on her school's team as she did with the RDU Sting during our 2011 campaign and is expected to graduate in two short years.


Alicia Person - Fayetteville State University WBB Article